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(( OC Note ))

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted anything of late, it's for two reasons (excuses):

First: Have been busy and going out a lotl with friends and family.
Secondly: The whole of livejournal and the thing I use to make entries where messing up on me big time... -_-;; Plus, just to add to the lack of stuff, my e-mails weren't working either. Which all totally sucked! T__T

Anyway, I should be able to post and stuff now but I have no idea about what has been going on so far. ~sighs~ I have a lot to catch up on...
(( END ))

Tyson slumped at his desk, he had had enough of studying. He looked out the window to find the sky a beautiful light shade of blue and an almost clear sky. He then looked to his laptop infront of him and sent an e-mail to everyone asking if they wanted to meet in the park. He wondered if anyone would actually check their e-mails other than Kenny, Max and Rei.

He slouched in his chair again for several minutes after sending all the e-mails, but soon decided to go down stairs and have something to eat. Maybe by the time he got back someone may have sent him a reply. Either way he decided to have a large feast seen as his grandpa had gone away for the weekened.

(( So, anyone got any idea's what could happen at the park? Oo I am completely clueless and I it took me a while to think of that... --; I was thinking something strange could happen, well... something unormal, not that the actually Beyblade episodes aren't normal. ^^; Speak to you all whenever... ))
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