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(( OC Note ))

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted anything of late, it's for two reasons (excuses):

First: Have been busy and going out a lotl with friends and family.
Secondly: The whole of livejournal and the thing I use to make entries where messing up on me big time... -_-;; Plus, just to add to the lack of stuff, my e-mails weren't working either. Which all totally sucked! T__T

Anyway, I should be able to post and stuff now but I have no idea about what has been going on so far. ~sighs~ I have a lot to catch up on...
(( END ))

Tyson slumped at his desk, he had had enough of studying. He looked out the window to find the sky a beautiful light shade of blue and an almost clear sky. He then looked to his laptop infront of him and sent an e-mail to everyone asking if they wanted to meet in the park. He wondered if anyone would actually check their e-mails other than Kenny, Max and Rei.

He slouched in his chair again for several minutes after sending all the e-mails, but soon decided to go down stairs and have something to eat. Maybe by the time he got back someone may have sent him a reply. Either way he decided to have a large feast seen as his grandpa had gone away for the weekened.

(( So, anyone got any idea's what could happen at the park? Oo I am completely clueless and I it took me a while to think of that... --; I was thinking something strange could happen, well... something unormal, not that the actually Beyblade episodes aren't normal. ^^; Speak to you all whenever... ))
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Brooklyn opened his e-mail staring at the screen at a invitation to come to the park, deciding to accept, he replied saying when would it be? Before waiting for Tyson's reply leaning on the back of his chair
Ray glared at the computer screen in front of him. "How the hell am I meant to reply if this damn machina won't load the stupid page?" he muttered to himself. Eventually, the reply page loaded, and he began to type his reply to Tyson's invitation in.

"Let's see..." he said, before typing :

'Dear Tyson, thanks for the invite - I'd be happy to meet you in the park, i've been so bored today it'd be a nice change of pace. What time should I get there? See ya soon - Ray'

He then hit the "Send" button and gazed out the window at a passing random cloud while waiting for a reply.
When he came back up and sat at his desk he leaned back and looked out the window seeing that it was getting dark. He then turned his attention to his laptop. He smiled as he saw two replies already.
He quickly replied to both with:

'Hey guys, thanks for the quick replies, but there has only been two so far. Anyway, if we plan this a few days away from now then hopefully the others will have said something back by then.

Speak to you whenever, Tyson.' and with that he went and collapsed on his bed looking at his now abnormally round stomache as it made churning noises. He sighed and shut his eyes in pain, he had eaten a little too much...
Getting the reply Brooklyn sighed and looked outside, the sun beaming. 'Tell us when it will be, looking forward to it, thanks for the invitation' And with that Brooklyn clicked the Send and lay back on his chair yawning.
'Glad you are. Anyway, If we meet up in four days time (However has replied by then) and we can all go to the fair and have a fun day or something like that. It'd probably be fun, and funny if Tala and Kai got dragged along.

Speak to you whenever, Tyson.'

With the reply sent he looked at his clock seeing that it was late and crawled into bed after chaging and shut his eyes drifting of to sleep until the next day.
'Ok that sounds good, I like that idea, thanka again for the invitation and I'll see you then Tyson and the others that come as well'

Brooklyn clicked on the Send button, glancing to the clock he sighed and rested down on his bed sighing.
Max had just gotten out of the shower after one of the longest days after being away from everyone. When he entered the room he noticed he had an e-mail he sat down in his chair. He could just fall alseep right then and there. Seeing the e-mail was from Tyson he chose not to. While reading the message, each word made him just get a weird feeling, and it got weirder and weirder. It all seemed fimilliar, "Deja vu."
He sent a reply after the feeling left his mind saying,
"Dear Tyson, I'll be there. I might be late, my cousin might be coming into town. See you then."

(I'm not on to anything with the Deja vu I'm just putting in that because a lot of people have deja vu's and they aren't normally in RPG's. Don't ask. My sister wants to join. The more the merrier. She's giving me the name if it's okay if she can join with just an OC.)
Tyson woke up groggily but had had a good nights sleep. Again the sun was shining bright. He got up scratching his head going downstairs getting so tea. When he go tback upstairs he glanced to his laptop and saw Max's reply. He smiled, good old Max.

'Thanks Max, it's going to be a few days from now, and I totally understand. If you want and your cousin wants they can come too. The more the merrier.

Speak to you whenever, Tyson.'

And with that sent he went off to the bathroom needing a shower.

(( And sorry I misunderstood. ^^; And yeah, your sister e-mailed me asking about it, I don't think we have a reason to say no. ^_^ ))
Julia blinked at the screen seeing Tyson's e-mail to meet at the park, since BEGA had ended Julia and her brother had stayed around and got a flat with Romero as well, Julia smiled and replied.

'I'll be there not too sure about Raul though, I'll see you then. Could you e-mail me who else is coming?'

Julia sent the e-mail and laid backin her chair yawning.

(OOC Hello, I also role-play Brooklyn, thought I would roleplay my second favourite character thanks to 7yson and her for doing this ace pic)
Tyson smiled as he saw an unexpected reply from Julia.

'Hey Julia, thanks for replying. And we should be meeting up today.
See you later, Tyson.'

(( I'll be posting a new post in the actual RP for where the guys meet up. ~sighs~ Sorry for it being kind of confusing... ))
'That sounds good, I will see you there, I don't think Raul can make it, he is busy with things well see you soon'

Julia typed in the reply and leaned back and decided to get ready for today's meeting.

(OOC I think we need a Raul now XD)