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Wah! I haven't been round for.. ever! -gets on knees crying- I am so sorry! I am so sorry! I really am.. -sobs- I fell pathetic, I can't believe I haven't posted in here since September! Actually, I can.. But we won't go into much detail about that.. ^^;; -__-;; ><

Anyway, I forgot to mention that the person who plays Bryan said they couldn't play as there character anymore and that means it's free up again, so I need to e-mail them to get their password for the account that's open. However, I need to hope that the e-mail they were using at the time is the one they are still using. Knowing my luck they have probably changed it.. --;; -cowers in a corner- i hope that whoever is still here will forgive me.. -sighs-

Either way, merry Christmas to those who are here, and happy early new year! ^^;
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Tyson yawned as he sat on a bench in the ocal park. He had made himself get up early just to make sure he was there on time, but.. he was practicallyy falling asleep on the spot.. He sighed and leaned back looking up to the bright morning sun.
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(( OC Note ))

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted anything of late, it's for two reasons (excuses):

First: Have been busy and going out a lotl with friends and family.
Secondly: The whole of livejournal and the thing I use to make entries where messing up on me big time... -_-;; Plus, just to add to the lack of stuff, my e-mails weren't working either. Which all totally sucked! T__T

Anyway, I should be able to post and stuff now but I have no idea about what has been going on so far. ~sighs~ I have a lot to catch up on...
(( END ))

Tyson slumped at his desk, he had had enough of studying. He looked out the window to find the sky a beautiful light shade of blue and an almost clear sky. He then looked to his laptop infront of him and sent an e-mail to everyone asking if they wanted to meet in the park. He wondered if anyone would actually check their e-mails other than Kenny, Max and Rei.

He slouched in his chair again for several minutes after sending all the e-mails, but soon decided to go down stairs and have something to eat. Maybe by the time he got back someone may have sent him a reply. Either way he decided to have a large feast seen as his grandpa had gone away for the weekened.

(( So, anyone got any idea's what could happen at the park? Oo I am completely clueless and I it took me a while to think of that... --; I was thinking something strange could happen, well... something unormal, not that the actually Beyblade episodes aren't normal. ^^; Speak to you all whenever... ))
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An Idea To Maybe Get Alot More Charatcers!

OOC - I have an Idea we can advertise. My sister said she would and she has billions of places(In livejournal) she can put it and she or I can make it(unless somebody else wants to.)I just have to have everyone or the frist owner(s) saying I can. I'll give all the places she advertises when she puts them there. So well . . . tell me what you want me to do.
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OC Note

Hey guys, got some good news and some bad news.

The bad news: I haven't been on here or posting for a while. My so called 'excuse' is in an entry before this of Max's. I am ever so sorry, hope everyone can forgive me.
The good news: I am proud to say we have yet more new faces (duh) and welcome you all guys. And thanks for joining in on us! ^^
Extra bit of bad/good news: The RP is half dead! T_T

Plus, I'm not going to use my OC account I have in this RP for now because I am going to keep it for like backup if we really need it. But if anyone else wants to create an OC or anything like that and wanna try and use that aswell as their normal account. It's all good with me. The ms info page says it also.

Anyway, it's great to be back! ~smiles triumphantly~ (Sorry, can't spell.)
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Hi all! I hope we can start RPing soon or start now or whatever. I'm the person who will be doing Brooklyn, my favourite character so I know him probably the best out of all the characters so I hope I can do a good job. I'm no stranger to RPing so I hope we can start soon, can't wait!

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::OOC:: - Hi!

I'm your new Bryan player. Nice to meet you all! I'm new to RPing in general, but I'm sure I'll do fine.
I'm well aware of the situation this RP is in and will do as much as I can to keep it up and running. Any pressing problems that you guys feel need fixing? Obviously the lack of players is an issue, so I'll start advertising this place in the Beyblade communities and to my friends. I've already found a possible Brooklyn player for us.

Before I can do anything to help, I really need to know what the pressing issues are. If you guys could just let me, the mod and your fellow players know what the major problems are?

I'll start RPing soon. I just wanted to check how many of you guys are still active. So yeah. Reply to this.



Okay, the rp is kinda dying so lets try to bring it back to life? we need more people too. I know some that might be interested, but everyone's gotta help too. Any ideas?
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OOC Note - winter_howl

I realized that the RPs that are going on are getting a bit monotonous. In the sense that it's always the same few people replying. Whatever happened to the rest?

Like the people RPing Rei, Hilary and Daichi? They've been very inactive. Is it possible to get them to join in either of the RPs that are going on???