Tyson Granger (Japanese name: Takao Kinomiya) (7yson) wrote in ms_beyblade_rp,
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OC Note

Hey guys, got some good news and some bad news.

The bad news: I haven't been on here or posting for a while. My so called 'excuse' is in an entry before this of Max's. I am ever so sorry, hope everyone can forgive me.
The good news: I am proud to say we have yet more new faces (duh) and welcome you all guys. And thanks for joining in on us! ^^
Extra bit of bad/good news: The RP is half dead! T_T

Plus, I'm not going to use my OC account I have in this RP for now because I am going to keep it for like backup if we really need it. But if anyone else wants to create an OC or anything like that and wanna try and use that aswell as their normal account. It's all good with me. The ms info page says it also.

Anyway, it's great to be back! ~smiles triumphantly~ (Sorry, can't spell.)
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