Bryan Kuznetsov (wicked_wind) wrote in ms_beyblade_rp,
Bryan Kuznetsov

::OOC:: - Hi!

I'm your new Bryan player. Nice to meet you all! I'm new to RPing in general, but I'm sure I'll do fine.
I'm well aware of the situation this RP is in and will do as much as I can to keep it up and running. Any pressing problems that you guys feel need fixing? Obviously the lack of players is an issue, so I'll start advertising this place in the Beyblade communities and to my friends. I've already found a possible Brooklyn player for us.

Before I can do anything to help, I really need to know what the pressing issues are. If you guys could just let me, the mod and your fellow players know what the major problems are?

I'll start RPing soon. I just wanted to check how many of you guys are still active. So yeah. Reply to this.
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